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What does membership in Triangle offer?

Triangle, like all fraternities, offers leadership development, training in financial responsibility, support, and friendship. In addition, Triangle offers the benefit of a similar academic experience for its members while maintaining a diverse cross-section of the student population. Triangle provides a tightly-knit group of peers to help you throughout your educational career. In addition, in Triangle Fraternity you will find a home while you are in college shared with others whose ideals and interests are similar to yours friendships to last a lifetime leadership opportunities through participation in chapter operations and leadership seminars opportunities to further develop social skills a network of alumni members, who may be of great value in your personal and professional life.

How Much Will it Cost?

Many potential members ask how much it costs to be a member of Triangle at Kansas State. Because we do not maintain a chapter house, you will find that the cost is exceptionally low compared to other fraternities.

How do I become a member of Triangle?

The first step is to come to some of our chapter events to see if membership in Triangle interests you. At these activities you can informally meet the active members so that you can get to know us and we can get to know you. Our chapter events are also just lots of fun.

If you have any questions about joining Triangle or would like to get on our recruitment list, please contact us. You can stop by our regular chapter meetings on campus located in Rathbone Hall Room 1069.